About Us

Raphael Medical Centre is a unique, independent hospital, specialising in neurorehabilitation of adults, and believes in an integrated, mind - body - spirit approach to supporting people suffering from complex neurological disabilities with cognitive and behavioural impairment. The main Centre is situated in the 17 acre Hollanden Park in Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent and registered with the Care Quality Commission,

Over the past 25 years there have been some major developments to create facilities conducive to holistic rehabilitation. This is fully supported in our peaceful and tranquil environment, which helps people move on from a state of medical dependency and reach their optimum level of functional independence.

Our patients are then supported to live independently with community care support or supported to a fully integrated lifestyle in their own family home.

The hospital consists of four separate units:

  • Complex and Intensive Care
  • Acute Neuro-Rehabilitation
  • Neuro-psychiatry
  • Continuing Care

We also have Community Rehabilitation and Step-down facilities

The hospital facilities include:

  • 50 beds across four specialist units
  • Single rooms with ensuite
  • Adapted and specially equipped bath and shower rooms
  • Physiotherapy gym, including hydrotherapy pool
  • Communal lounge areas
  • Beautiful grounds and gardens

The Raphael Medical Centre recently underwent a CQC Inspection. To read this report please click here. To read the Raphael Medical Centre's proposed action plan following the inspection, please click here.

The CQC recently inspected our service at Swanborough House in Brighton. To view this report, please click here.



What Makes Us Special

The RMC is situated in a 17 acre parkland, which offers our patients the unique surrounding for a tranquil recovery of their traumatic injuries or diseases. Over the years, we have created a harmonious and peaceful environment. This, we believe, is essential for the mind, body, soul as well as the wellbeing for all our patients and staff.

The interior décor of the RMC has been created in healing colours with natural materials with plenty of plants and works of art. This enhances the overall healing and working atmosphere.

Our philosophy of care is firmly based in anthroposophic medicine. This is supported by organic biodynamic farm products for the nutritional/dietary consumption by patients and staff.

We have the support of an in-house comprehensive dedicated interdisciplinary team delivering holistic rehabilitation.

Our Mission Statement

The work of the Raphael Medical Centre is based on the anthroposophic image of man, which recognises man as being of body, soul and spirit. It is our mission to bring about improvement in the health of individuals through a unique combination of anthroposophic and conventional medical care facilities along with the development and support of our personnel.