Patients we care for

The Raphael Medical Centre helps to deliver a full range of health and social care to adult patients:

  • with with acquired brain injury, whose physical, cognitive, emotional and /or behavioural problems require rehabilitation within: a hospital in-patient setting or with slow stream rehabilitation setting within a social care environment
  • who have long term and complex rehabilitation needs due to brain injuries
  • who need a long term supportive hospital environment for their health care
  • who have neurological, motor neurone diseases
  • with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions
  • who are non communicative and in a state of diminished consciousness
  • who are dependent on ventilator and have tracheostomy
  • with acute and chronic back problems
  • who have mental health or enduring mental health problems, superimposed with an acquired brain injury.
  • who need neuro psychiatric rehabilitation.