Our Team

Our Inter-disciplinary Team

At the Raphael Medical Centre we offer a comprehensive interdisciplinary team of Consultants from a wide range of specialised fields including Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, Nursing, Psychiatry and Rehabilitation Medicine. We also provide access to a wide range of Allied Health Professionals including:

Occupational Therapy - This is fundamental to regain functional ADL - retraining and cognitive exercises, coma stimulation and retraining higher cortex function.

Physiotherapy - Therapists concentrate on correct positioning and avoidances of contractures and spasticity. We prefer to overcome the above through detailed physiotherapy exercises including hydrotherapy.

Speech and Language Therapy - this involves the assessment and management of disorders in speech and language, breathing, feeding and swallowing. The Centre's skilled and experienced therapists use specialised - yet practical - techniques to endow patients with the confidence to achieve remarkable all-round improvements.

Art Therapy - There are many uses of Art Therapy including improving patients' mood and self-esteem, but it is also thought to encourage the brain's capacity to repair itself. In people with minimal awareness patients art therapy can help to stimulate the brain.

Music Therapy - Music therapy is often used to aid improvement in multiple areas of brain function and to improve quality of life, as well as facilitating physical healing. It is an adaptable therapeutic approach that relies not only on musical intervention but also on the integral relationship between patient and therapist.

Eurthymy - is a system of rhythmical physical movements to music used to teach musical understanding (especially in Steiner schools) or for therapeutic purposes that can help with patients' balance, left/right coordination, posture, etc.

Chiropractor - Treatment to correct the alignment of the spine and other joints, to help restore nerve function, to alleviate pain and to promote natural and health.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy - A very important aspect of the work at the Raphael Medical Centre is the belief that patients benefit from an integrated, mind-body-spirit, approach to healthcare which includes offer patients access to oil dispersion baths, rhythmic massage, organ rubs or compresses. Working on the main organ systems and supporting vital function in the early recovery process is of immense benefit to our minimally aware and coma patients.